​Thermal imaging for your Equine Partner.
Contact : Laine Jorgensen
As the owner/ operator of Montana Thermscan I get ask the same question all the time. 

 " Why did you become an equine Thermographer? "
       Laine Jorgensen
     My answer never changes. I have been breaking colts and training barrel horses for 20 plus years and breeding for 15. I have had so many horses cross my path that we never could figure out if it was a training issue or a physical issue. So many horses display behavioral changes before they ever have visible lameness. After researching thermal imaging I couldn't help but think if only I had this tool 10 years ago. I became a certified Thermographer through the Infraspection Institute and have been thermal imaging horses for the last 2 years. I do my best to help you get to the root of your horses problem and can even assist you in finding the correct treatment and or therapy to help your equine partner feel their best!

Laine Jorgensen
Montana Thermscan 
Chinook, MT