​Thermal imaging for your Equine Partner.
Contact : Laine Jorgensen


  1. Basic Scan
    Single image of full left side,full right side , front end, hindquarters.and 2 dorsal images plus your full report. 100.00
  2. Full Body Scan
    30 plus images of your equine partner, saddle fit evaluation and full report: 225.00 minus saddle fit evaluation is 200.00
  3. Performance Package
    Performance package : Basic scan + 4 hock images, 4 stifle images 150.00
  4. Saddle fit
    Saddle fit evaluations including before and after riding images. 100.00
  5. Individual images
    Individual images are 20.00 per image with a 40.00 minimum.
  6. Follow Up Images
    Follow up images on any full scan are 25% off.
  7. A full scan is always recommended the first time to get a complete look at what's affecting your horse and find any underlying issues. Montana Thermscan works with qualified vets, chiropractors and Equine sports Therapists and can assist you in connecting with one.


Muscles in Motion LLC.  Equine Sports Therapy
Heidi Billmayer 

Andrea Grindeland, DVM
Certified animal chiropractor

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